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Star Alliance Partner Code Share - Air Canada

Flying Returns brings you the combined strength of Air India, Partner Airlines, as well as our code share partners. As a Flying Returns member you can now earn FR points on select code-share flights. These FR points are based on the sector and class of travel.

Air Canada

Reservations must be made on Air India's 4 digit flight numbers only. To accrue FR points on our code share flights, please retain your ticket jacket and boarding passes and send them to the Member Service Center for FR points credit.

Please note, only accrual of FR points is permitted on code share flights, not redemption. The accrual is valid only on specified airlines with code sharing agreements with Air India.

Accrual (One-Way) on Air Canada

Sector Operating
Carrier Flt No.
Air India
Flt No.
Halifax-London AC 7304
London-Halifax AC 7303
St. John's-London AC 7302
London-St. John's AC 7301
London-Toronto AC 7309
Toronto-London AC 7310
Toronto-London AC 7312
London-Calgary AC 7313
Calgary-London AC 7314
London-Edmonton AC 7315
Edmonton-London AC 7316
London-Vancouver AC 7317
Vancouver-London AC 7318
Milan-Toronto AC 7319
Toronto-Milan AC 7320
Paris-Toronto AC 7321
Toronto-Paris AC 7322
Paris-Montreal AC 7323
Montreal-Paris AC 7324
Vancouver-Hongkong AC 7325
Hongkong-Vancouver AC 7326
Vancouver-Tokyo AC 7327
Tokyo-Vancouver AC 7328
Calgary-Tokyo AC 7331
Tokyo-Calgary AC 7332
London-Montreal AC865 AI 7305
Montreal-London AC864 AI 7306
London-Ottawa AC889 AI 7307
Ottawa-London AC888 AI 7308
Shanghai-Vancouver AC026 AI 7330
Vancouver-Shanghai AC025 AI 7329

Subject to terms & conditions as applicable.

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