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Air India’s 787 Boeing Dreamliner

Air India’s 787 Boeing Dreamliner

Air India's First Dreamliner: The Dream Come True


Air India's latest induction into its fleet is the stuff dreams are made of – the Boeing 787 Dreamliner – which redefines passenger experience, environmental performance, lower operating cost and better economic performance.

With its sophisticated, futuristic design, Air India's B787 Dreamliner is the most advanced aircraft in the sky. Its wing, tail, nose and flight deck windows have all been engineered for the maximum aerodynamic efficiency reducing fuel burn. The composite fuselage and smooth wing design is much more efficient than today’s airplanes. The substantial breakthrough in its fuel consumption and maintenance cost would help airlines save money while providing flexibility to expand into new markets. The Dreamliner's spacious architecture, stowage space, cleaner, healthier air, lower cabin altitude, dimmable-windows ensure a smoother and unrivalled passenger experience.

  • Right from the spacious entryway, the decorative ceiling with a dramatic entry arch welcomes the passenger inside the aircraft. A soothing cabin atmosphere with dynamic LED cabin lighting scheme immediately creates a comfortable ambience, helping transition through time zones.
  • The B787 features large windows (18-inch- largest in any commercial airplane flying today) providing openness and natural light for every passenger. The windows are electronically dimmable where passengers can select the perfect level of light at the push of a button, from lightest to darkest shade taking only 60 seconds. These controls are also centralized and can be operated by flight attendants to ensure appropriate cabin light for all phases of flight.
  • The aircraft interior is configured to accommodate 256 seats, comprising 18 Business Class flat-bed seats at 74 inch pitch and 238 Economy Class seats at 33 inch pitch with 6 inch recline.
  • The Business Class seats of these aircraft are procured from M/s. Contour – UK and the Economy Class seats are procured from M/s. Weber – USA.
  • The state-of-the-art In-Flight Entertainment system (Top Series i8000), capable of AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) in all classes, is supplied by M/s Thales – USA. The system, with large LCD display screens, designed to provide advanced features and enhancements to the passengers. It is built upon the latest generation industry standards for network architecture and technology to provide passengers with audio, video, games, entertainment and communications features better than the latest in-home capabilities.
  • The IFE system is controlled by 'Tethered' Passenger Control Units with gaming capacity. Besides, a USB port is provided in all classes capable of connecting Passenger Electronic Devices e.g. Digital Camera, Keyboard, MP3 Player, Mobile phone charging. Also, an overhead video Broadcast is provided on the 15.4 inch LCD monitors throughout the cabin.
  • The 787 cabin is pressured to a maximum of 6,000 feet/1800 meter compared to as high as 8,000/2400 meter feet for other aircraft. Testing shows that passengers experience fewer headaches and less fatigue at 6,000 feet/1800 meter than at higher altitudes. The 787 cabin environment allows more oxygen to be absorbed into the blood reducing headaches and dizziness. Air India passengers will feel more refreshed and be ready to go when they arrive on a 787 Dreamliner after a long flight.
  • The 787 cabin air is cleaner than today's commercial airplanes. The 787 system includes a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter to remove bacteria, viruses and fungi. An additional new gaseous filtration system also removes odors, irritants and gaseous contaminants. This creates a cabin environment with fewer complaints of headaches, dizziness, or throat and eye irritation due to dryness.
  • Air India passengers aboard the 787 will benefit from a smoother ride. The airplane is equipped with a system that senses turbulence and commands wing control surfaces to counter it, greatly smoothing out the ride. Passengers will enjoy a more comfortable, smooth flight.
  • Air India's 787 Dreamliner overhead bins are larger, with plenty of space for you to stow your luggage within easy reach, leaving you more room to stretch out and enjoy the flight.
  • The Dreamliner is designed to be a better environmental choice than previous airplanes as it consumes less fuel and produces fewer emissions. The 787 is also quieter both inside and outside the cabin.
  • The 787 Dreamliner flies as fast as the 777 or the 747.

The Dreamliner will offer a superior economic performance with 15% lower fuel consumption than current aircraft in the same category, lower operating costs and lower maintenance costs.

The B787 is the first commercial jet airplane to be built primarily of composite materials which resist fatigue and corrosion that affect aluminum airplanes resulting in easy and economical maintenance. B787-8 is powered with two GEnx-1B64 engines which have a thrust rating of 63,800 lbs. The next-generation engine technology of the B787 is provided by Boeing’s engine partners, General Electric. The engines and other improvements enable the B787 to fly farther, faster, cleaner, quieter and more efficiently than comparable airplanes. Modern cabin noise control system prevents noise and vibrations to enter the cabin. A provision is made to carry additional flying crew in the Overhead Flight Crew Rest (OFCR) area which is equipped with two sleeping bunks and one seat.

Innovation to redefine the total passenger experience

Innovation to redefine the total passenger experience
  • Wider seats and aisles
  • Bigger windows, 65% larger than other aircraft in the same category
  • Quieter
  • Innovative lighting
  • Bigger bins
  • Improved cabin environment (lower altitude, cleaner air and higher humidity)

Point-to-point flying; how, where, when you want to fly

  • New, non-stop routes such as India-Australia
  • Versatile range – from efficient short, medium and long-range routes
  • As fast as Mach 0.85 (like the 777 and 747)
Point-to-point flying; how, where, when you want to fly

Breakthrough Economics

Breakthrough Economics
  • 15% lower fuel consumption per passenger than today's same-sized airplanes
  • Versatile family – big jet ranges, small jet trip costs
  • Excellent cargo capacity for increased revenue
  • Lower maintenance costs than peer airplanes

Breakthrough Environmental Performance —Quieter and Cleaner

  • Quieter both inside the cabin and outside
  • 85 dbA noise stays within airport property
  • Cleaner throughout its lifecycle (designed for the environment)
  • Uses 15% less fuel than today's similarly sized airplanes
  • Produces 20% fewer emissions than today's similarly sized airplanes
  • Fewer hazardous materials used in production
  • Less hazardous waste and overall waste in production
Breakthrough Environmental Performance —Quieter and Cleaner


The Boeing 787 has the optimal size and range to allow Air India to not only operate their current routes more profitably, but also to open up new markets giving Air India a true "first mover” advantage. Secondly, with lower fuel costs and cash operating costs, the Dreamliner offers an unsurpassed economic performance. In addition, maintenance costs have been substantially reduced. Third, this airplane will truly change the passenger experience. It's an airplane that looks different – a new cabin architecture featuring larger bins and windows, new lighting, new side walls and ceiling and a new entry way. And, passengers will feel the difference after a long flight due to cleaner air, lower cabin altitude, and a smoother ride. Finally, the 787 is designed to be more environmentally progressive throughout its lifecycle. The airplane is manufactured using fewer hazardous materials, consumes 20% less fuel and produces 20% fewer CO2 emissions. The 787 is also quieter both inside and out. And, at the end of the airplane’s service life, the materials used for the 787 are recyclable. The Dreamliner, indeed, offers features to match our dreams and is set to be a game-changer for Air India!

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