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Notice to Passengers

  • Air India along with Air India express has launched flights for Government of India Evacuation plan Phase III to evacuate stranded passengers.
  • For all incoming flights into India from foreign stations, list of pax traveling on each flight will be finalized by Indian Mission in the country of origin.
  • Quarantine Guidelines For Travel into IndiaKNOW MORE
  • Outbound pax traveling from India to foreign stations can book on the Air India website or Air India call centre on numbers1860-233-1407 / 0124-264-1407/ 020-2623-1407.
  • Travel advisories on Covid-19, for the outbound pax traveling to the above-mentioned countries along with documentation required has been compiled and updated on the website in accordance with news updates.

    However, all outbound passengers are advised to recheck their eligibility for travel to the specific country by referring to the conditions on the respective country’s regulatory website.

    Air India is operating special flights ex-India to various destinations for Evacuation of stranded Indian citizens.

    On the outgoing flights ex-India, Air India will be accepting eligible passengers who are desirous of travelling abroad to the selected destinations as per the following criteria

  • Such passengers can be
  • Nationals of the destination countries.
  • Only those persons shall be allowed to travel to the destination countries, who are citizens of that country, who have a green card or OCI card; Indian Nationals who are holding visa of that country, with a minimum residual validity of the three months. In case an Indian National is having confirmed offer of employment / internship /admission in education institution, he/she can be allowed with visa of that country, with a minimum residual validity of one month.(THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO ENTERING Australia /New Zealand).
  • Health Workers holding valid permit for travel to destination country (Must obtain written permission from Embassy of destination country)
  • Travel advisories on Covid-19, for the destinations and nationals of countries permitted to travel, prepared in accordance with news updates that we are aware of can be accessed hereCLICK HERE
  • FAQs for Evacuation Flight Booking Ex - India.CLICK HERE
  • Before purchasing the tickets , such persons are required to recheck their eligibility for travel by referring to the conditions on the respective countries regulatory website
  • The entire cost of travel will be borne by the passenger
  • The passenger must ensure that they comply with all travel and health requirements of the country of destination
  • At the time of boarding the flight , passengers will have to undergo thermal screening as per health protocol. Only asymptomatic travellers would be allowed to board the flight
  • Passengers have to undertake to directly bear the entire cost towards Quarantine charges at the time of arrival at the destination.
  • All passengers to please note that limited onboard meal service would be available during flight in view of Social Distancing.
  • MHA guidelines link on Main Banner .
  • While Air India is taking all necessary precautions for safety of passengers, all passengers will be undertaking the journey on theseEvacuation flights being fully aware of prevailing pandemic Covid-19 scenario.
  • Passengers have to undertake that in case of deportation, the entire cost towards deportation penalty, return fare and cost of Quarantine will be borne by the passenger.
  • For details of Undertakings required
  • Indemnity - Quarantine Cost & Deportation ChargesCLICK HERE
  • Disclaimer:
    It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to ensure his / her eligibility to enter the destination country. Air India accepts no liability in this regard.

    Book now on mobile app Or Call 1860-233-1407 / 0124-264-1407 /020-2623-1407

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