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Safety is one of the core business functions ofAir India Limited covering all Air OperatorPermit's, subsidiaries and Strategic BusinessUnit(SBU) functions. We are committed todeveloping, implementing, maintaining andconstantly improving strategies and processesto ensure that all our aviation activities takeplace under a balanced allocation oforganizational resources, aimed at achievingthe highest level of safety performance througha Corporate Safety Management System(SMS)covering all theAOPs, subsidiaries andStrategic Business Units(SBUs) and meetingNational and International standards, whiledelivering our services


AIR INDIA LIMITED covering all AOPs, subsidiariesand Strategic Business Units are committed toproviding our customers with the highest level ofproduct and service quality derived from a Qualityand Safety Management system whose foundationlies in a culture of safety, quality, customersatisfaction and continuous improvement.

AIR INDIA LIMITED will ensure compliance withrelevant statutory quality, safety andenvironmental requirements which will bereviewed regularly. We will actively pursueimproving quality, through programmes thatenable each employee to do their job "Rightthe First Time” and "Every Time” thus fulfillingour customers expectations withoutcompromising the safety and quality of ouroperations.


Air India Limited covering all its AOPs,SBUs and subsidiaries‟ areuncompromisingly committed toensure Security and to Safeguard itspassengers, staff, crew, cargo/mail,customer assets and facilities from anydetriment, damage or injury as well asprevent the aircraft from unlawfulseizure, hijacking, etc.

Air India Limited will abide by allRegulatoryDirectives on security andtry to exceed requirements byperiodically reviewing its policy forcontinualrelevance to have a culturethat has security a fundamentaloperational priority


Air India Limited, covering all its AirlineOperating Permits, subsidiaries andStrategic Business Units, as a part of it'scorporate social responsibilities, iscommitted to address all environmentissues with particular regard to preservingand protecting the environment.

Air India, through its "EnvironmentManagement System", will abide by allapplicable laws and regulations andcontinually improve environmentmanagement practices and exceed therequirements by periodically reviewing ourpolicy and improving our environmentalrelated performance.


CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate SocialResponsibility has been the hallmark of Air India rightfrom the day the company was formed by JRD TATAwhen he said QTE "No success in material terms isworthwhile unless it serves the needs or interests ofthe country and its people. In a free enterprise, thecommunity is not just another stakeholder in businessbut is in fact the very purpose of its existence".UNQTE

With this legacy, Air India Limited covering all itsAOP‟s, subsidiaries and SBUs is committed toCorporate Social Responsibility through following:

Creating shared value concept by buildinginterdependency of corporate success with socialwelfare.

Triple Bottom Line concept of measuringCorporate Performance in terms of economic impact,social impact andenvironmental impact.

Incorporating CSR strategydirectly into the business strategy through „FairTrade‟. Air India's goal is to build a society withsustainable growth in terms of human index, socialawareness and education, ethical consumerism alongwith business.

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