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Transit Information
A small area to accommodate around 10 passengers available at Arrival area of the airport
Custom Allowance

Travelers are required to declare goods in excess of permitted personal effects and Duty exempted consumable goods and restricted/prohibited goods and commercial goods at Red channel. Travelers not possessing such goods may use the Green channel

Export or Import of Narcotics, Arms and Explosives, Wildlife and its products and commercial goods are restricted/prohibitedAttempt to import or export such goods may lead to confiscation of goods,penalty and arrest resulting prosecution.

Travelers are required to declare foreign currency at Red channel if the sum exceeds US$ 2000 or equivalent.

Permitted used personal effects are as follows in condition to return back at the time of departure :

  • Binocular one set.
  • Video Camera and still camera one each set.
  • Portable Music System one set, recorded media 10 pcs.
  • Clothes and goods of day-to-day use.
  • Perambulator and tricycle one set each.
  • Bicycle one set.
  • Watch one piece.
  • Cellular Mobile phone one set.
  • Professional Hand Tools one set for professional personnel.

Duty exempted consumable goods are as follows :

  • Whisky not exceeding 1.15litres or Beer upto 12 cans.
  • Cigarettes 200 sticks, Cigars 50 pcs and tobacco 250 grams.
  • Camera film up to 15 pieces and movie film 12 reels.
  • Readymade and Canned foods not exceeding NRs 1000.00
  • Medicine not exceeding NRs 1000.00
  • Fresh Fruits not exceeding NRs 1000.00
Airport Facilities
Snack Bar/ Restaurant
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