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Pay Less, Fly More and travel like Maharajah with Maharaja e-SuperSaver


Air India introduces Maharajah e-Super Saver for Domestic Passengers : Super Price, Super Flexibility, Super Availability, Super Benefits with Super Network of Air India.

Maharajah e-Super Saver is a multi coupon e-ticket, available in Economy and Business class. The Economy class is available in 2/4/8 Coupons and Business Class is available is available in 4/8 Coupons. Passengers have to utilize the entire Maharajah e- Super Saver ticket on the AirIndia operated domestic flights within the validity of the ticket.

Discover hassle free flying with Air India’s Maharajah e-SuperSaver and get these benefits:

  • Fixed fare (taxes extra) ends your search for low fares and bargain prices before flying
  • No worries for change of plans as Maharajah e-Super Saver ensures UNLIMITED changes indate or sector up to 2 hours before departure
  • Freedom to travel anytime within the validity without any blackout period..
  • Booking eligibility in higher M/D classes ensures increased availability of seat anytime and every time you book
  • Booking in higher M/D class gives the Flying Returns loyalty members an added benefit toaccrue loyalty points corresponding to M/D class
  • Additional 5 kgs baggage allowance over and above your standard Free Baggage Allowance atno extra cost.

    The details of the scheme are tabulated below:

    Economy Class Maharajah e-Super Savers
    Variants Validity # Economy Class
    2 Coupons e Super Saver * 45 Days Rs9,200
    4 Coupons e Super Saver * 3 Months Rs18,200
    8 Coupons e Super Saver * 6 Months Rs36,000
    Business Class Maharajah e-Super Savers
    Variants Validity # Business Class
    4 Coupons e Super Saver * 3 Months Rs44,000
    8 Coupons e Super Saver * 6 Months Rs80,000
    * Government/Airport Taxes extra
    # from first date of travel.

    Terms and Conditions for Maharajah e-Super Savers

    Flight Application:-:-Valid on any Air India operated flight. Not valid on Alliance Air & Code Shareflights.

    Advance reservations:First sector confirmation is mandatory and rest of the e-coupons can bekept open for future bookings.

    Date Change Penalty:Nil (Unlimited Date change permitted) till 02 hours before departure.

    Sector Change Penalty:Nil (Unlimited Sector change permitted) till 02 hours before departure.

    Free Baggage Allowance:25+5 kgs Economy/ 35+5 kgs Business class

    Travel Validity

    Business Class:(From the first date of travel) e-Super Saver 4 Coupons is 3 Months and e-SuperSaver 8 Coupons is 6 months.

    Economy Class :(From the first date of travel) 45 days for 2 e Super Saver Coupons , 03 monthsfor 04 e-Super Saver Coupons and 06 months for 8 e Super Saver Coupons option.

    Sale Validity :Up to 31st December 2021.

    No Show Charges :No-show charges of INR 3000/- applicable per coupon for bookings notcancelled till 2 hours before departure.

    Refund:Maharajah e- Super savers are non refundable if partially utilized. INR 5000 will beapplicable as penalty for refund of totally unutilized Maharajah e- Super savers.

    Government /Airport Taxes:As applicable


    From Where you can Buy:Currently the scheme is available only through Air India authorizedtravel agents in India. Coming Soon for sale through Online Travel Agents also.

    Not available through Air India Website/Mobile App or Air India City/Airport booking offices.

    Economy Maharajah e-Super Savers are currently not valid on following 20 domestic sectors due government regulations

    Leh to Chandigarh, Dehradun to Mumbai, Delhi to Imphal, Dehradun to Bengaluru, Delhi to Kozhikode.Bengaluru to Chandigarh, Bengaluru to Guwahati, Delhi to Kochi, Kannur to Delhi, Delhi to Coimbatore, Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram.Delhi to Port Blair, Chennai to Varanasi, Delhi to Dibrugarh, Kolkata to Port Blair, Port Blair to Kolkata, Delhi to Goa.Goa to Delhi, Port Blair to Chennai, Chennai to Port Blair.

    Business class Maharajah e-Super Saver is valid on all domestic flights operated by Air India .


    Air India reserves the right at any time, without prior notice to add, alter, modify, change or vary allor any of these terms and conditions or to replace wholly or in part, the above offer by anotheroffer, whether similar to above offer or not, or to withdraw it altogether.

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