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Frequently Asked Questions:Maharajah e-SuperSaver program

1) Why should I book tickets under Maharajah e-SuperSaver program?

Fixed fare plus taxes irrespective of the sector , Unlimited free date and sector change permitted upto 2 hours before the scheduled departure, freedom to travelanytime within the validity without any blackout period, additional 5 kgs baggage allowance over and above standard free baggage allowance and high Frequent flyer points makes the offer quite attractive. In short "Pay Less, Fly More - Travel like Maharaja” with Maharaja e-SuperSaver.

2) I haven’t finalised on my holiday destination. Can I still book my ticket under this program?

Yes, you can still book your ticket. You have the flexibility of changing your destination at no extra cost upto 2 hours before the scheduled departure. Onlydifference in Airport/Government taxes, if any, will be collected at the time of new ticket issuance.

3) Can I buy a ticket under the Maharajah e-SuperSaver program for international destinations?

Currently it is available only for domestic travel & sale within India

4) Can I purchase an open dated ticket?

Yes, but the first sector needs to be confirmed. Rest of the sectors need to booked with a tentative date but can be left open.

5) Can I change my date of travel for any of the sectors?

Yes, the travel date can be changed up to 02 hours before departure at no extra cost. Only difference in Airport/Government taxes, if any, will be collected at the time of new ticket issuance.

6) Can I change the sequence of my coupons and travel?

No, the travel needs to be in accordance with the sequence of the ticket issued. If required, new itinerary can be created and ticket reissued at the same price. Only difference in Airport/Government taxes, if any, will be collected at the time of new ticket issuance.

7) Is it available Pan India on all domestic sectors?

Yes except for restrictions on 13 sectors for Economy Maharajah e-SuperSaver.
Currently Air India is operating on 176 domestic sectors. Economy Super Saver would be valid on 163 domestic sectors while it is not valid on following 13 domestic sectors.
Leh to Chandigarh, Dehradun to Mumbai, Delhi to Imphal, Dehradun to Bengaluru, Delhi to Kozhikode, Bengaluru to Chandigarh, Bengaluru to Guwahati, Delhi to Kochi, Kannur to Delhi, Delhi to Coimbatore, Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram, Delhi to Port Blair, Chennai to Varanasi.
For Business class Maharajah e-Supersaver, there is no exemption and travel is valid on all Air India Domestic flights.

8) Can I travel on an Alliance Air or Code-share flight with a Maharajah e-SuperSaver ticket?

The Maharajah e-SuperSaver program is available on pure Air India flights only, you have a choice of 176 domestic sectors within India. The Maharajah e-SuperSaver is not valid on Alliance Air & Code share flights.

9) Can I get Maharajah e-SuperSaver for this price from an agent based out of India?

Currently Maharajah e-SuperSavers are solely available for sale by Travel agents in India.

10) Can I buy Maharajah e-SuperSaver from Air India office or Air India website?

Currently Maharajah e-SuperSaver can only be purchased from Travel Agencies based out of India.

11) Is 2 coupon Maharajah e-SuperSaver available in Business class also?

No, it is available only for Economy class.

12)How long will the 02 coupon, 04 coupon and 08 coupon Maharajah e-SuperSaver be valid for?

Business Class: (From the first date of travel) e-Super Saver 4 Coupons is 3 Months and e-Super Saver 8 Coupons is 6 months. 

Economy Class : (From the first date of travel) 45 days for 2 e Super Saver Coupons , 03 months for 04 e-Super Saver Coupons and 06 months for 8 e Super Saver Coupons.

13)What if I want to refund Maharajah e-SuperSaver?

If totally unutilized Maharajah e-SuperSaver is refundable by paying a penalty fee. However even if one sector has been utilized, then Maharajah e-SuperSaver is non-refundable.

14)What if I want to buy a 04 coupon Maharajah e-SuperSaver for just DEL-BOM, DEL- BOM, DEL-BOM , DEL –BOM – is it possible?

Yes there is no restriction to travel on return journey. You may decide your own itinerary for Travel on Domestic Sectors.

15) What if I want to change any of the legs of my journey?

Re-routing in the same class up to 02 hours before departure is possible at no extra cost. Only difference in taxes, if any, will be applicable.
Upgrade for Sure Offer is not applicable on Maharajah e-SuperSaver.

16) What if I want an upgrade from Economy to Business class?

Upgrade is not permitted except at the airport by availing ‘GET UPFRONT’ offer subject to availability of seats.
Upgrade for Sure Offer is not applicable on Maharajah e-SuperSaver.

17) Can I accrue mileage points on tickets issued under the Maharajah e-SuperSaver?


18) Am I eligible to redeem my FFP mileage points for tickets for Maharajah e-SuperSaver?

FFP Mileage points cannot be redeemed for Maharajah e-SuperSaver. FFP mileage can be redeemed for normal Fare tickets only.

19) What if I am unable to board my scheduled flight?

There is a no-show penalty of INR 3000 plus GST

20) Will I have to pay any fees for changing Maharajah e-SuperSaver?

There is no change fee involved upto 2 hours before departure. Only difference in Airport/Government taxes, if any, will be collected at the time of issuance ofMaharajah e-SuperSaver.

21) What refund I shall get in case I am holding Business Class Maharajah e-Supersaver and is downgraded to Economy class at Airport for any reason.

In case of disruption, when a passenger holding a business class Maharaja e-Super Saver coupon is downgraded at the airport due last minute change in equipment orfor any other reason, the passenger would be offered a fixed amount of difference of fare between Business class in Maharaja e-Super Saver coupon and Economy classMaharaja e-Super Saver coupon, which is :
INR 11000- INR 4550= INR 6450 for a 4 coupon Business class Maharaja e Super Saver
INR 10000- INR 4500=5500 for a 8 coupon Business class Maharaja e-Super Saver
The Refund would be given in form of Voucher which can be used for further travel .

22) Can I get Maharajah E-Supersaver Ticket reissued from Air India Offices .

Reissuance of Maharajah e-Super Saver is not permitted at Air India booking offices.

23) Can I upgrade Economy Maharajah E-Supersaver Ticket to Business Class Maharajah e-Supersaver .

Reissuance of Maharaja e-Super Saver is not permitted at Air India booking offices.
a) Reissuance to Business class is not be permitted.
b) Upgrade For Sure (UFS) scheme should also not be valid on Maharaja e-Super Saver coupon.
c) In case passenger wishes to change Economy Maharaja e –Super Saver, they need to cancel the same and pay the penalty and buy new Maharajah e-Supersaver.
d) However passengers is allowed to avail Get Upfront offer at Airport subject to availability of seats.

24) How many FFP points are accured once I travel on Maharajah e-Supersaver ?

Passenger would get FFP points equivalent to mileage for M and D RBD of the sectors travelled by passenger holding Maharaja e Super Saver coupons.

25) Can I redeem my FFP points to buy Maharajah e-Supersaver tickets ?

No, FFP points cannot be redeemed to buy Maharajah E-Supersaver tickets

26) Can I get my tickets issued for any domestic sector under Maharajah e-SuperSaver Promotion?

You can get tickets issued only on the sectors operated by Air India. In case Maharajah e-Super Saver is issued on Sector which is not operated by Air India orAir India withdraws its operation from a particular sector, the passenger would have choice of changing the sector however No Refund would be processed for such Maharajah e-SuperSaver.

27) Are Business class fares available on all the domestic sectors operated by Air India under Maharajah e-Super Saver promotion ? Is business class available on all the sectors?

Maharajah e-SuperSaver Fares are available on all Business Class flights wherever Air India has Business class . Passenger should advise their Travel Agents to book Maharajah e- Supersavers only on those sectors where Business Class is available on Air India Flights. No Refund of Maharajah e-SuperSaver fare is permitted in case Maharajah e-SuperSaver is issued on Flights not having business class. However passenger would have choice of changing the sector.

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