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A. Before you fly -

B. At the Airport -

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A. Before you fly -

Destination Requirements:

  • All passengers are required to ensure compliance with health requirements notified bythe concerned authorities at the destination city.

Self Check-in:

  • To minimize contact passengers are required to self check-in using iCheck-Web oriTravel-Mobile applications

Self Health Assessment:

  • Passengers are required to certify that they are asymptomatic and are not COVID-19positive. Passengers are recommended to download the mobile application, "AarogyaSetu App". Only passengers with "Green” status are permitted to travel. Passengers arerequired to submit a written "Health Form” in duplicate certifying their health status,which may be filled online atwww.airindia.in under web check-in and the mobile app.

Contact Details:

  • In view of the COVID-19 Pandemic all passengers are required to provide their complete& correct contact details at the time of booking in order to facilitate contact tracing by theappropriate authorities, as directed by the Government of India.

Face Covering:

  • Passengers are advised to cover their nose & mouth at all times while at the airports andon board the aircraft


Social Distancing / Face Mask:

  • Passengers are required to comply with social distancing requirements as per applicableguidelines / markings at all times while at the airports. Barring permitted exceptionalcircumstances, the face mask covering the nose & mouth is to be worn by the passengerat all times. Face masks should be properly disposed of when replacing with the newone.

Temperature Screening:

  • The passenger would be subjected to temperature screening before entering the AirportTerminal Building and before boarding. Only asymptomatic passengers are permitted totravel.

Aircraft Cleaning & Disinfection:

  • The entire Air India fleet undergoes cleaning & disinfection as per IATA & DGCAguidelines. All aircrafts are subject to Deep Cleaning & Disinfection as per stringentschedules and Health directives. Special emphasis is given to cleaning & disinfecting ofall touch points in the aircraft cabin (like seat belts, arm rests, tray tables, call buttons &hat racks etc), lavatory, galleys & cockpit. In case of onboard suspected COVID-19emergency (as reported by the Cabin Crew) a thorough cleaning & disinfection of theaffected area and adjoining rows / seats is carried out.

Hand Baggage Limitations:

  • Only one hand bag not weighing more than 8 Kgs in will be allowed in Economy Class on Air India operated flights only. Effective 12th October 2020, for First and Business Class passengers hand baggage allowance(Carry -on allowance ) will be 12 Kgs per passenger .This applies on all Air India operated flights only.


  • Select Lounges are operating with restricted capacity. Social distancing as perapplicable guidelines / markings is to be maintained by all passengers while in lounges.


Boarding – Procedures:

  • As a safety precaution to avoid close contact and minimize crowding, boarding will beannounced in a Staggered Zone-wise / Row-wise order. Preference will be given topassengers sitting in the rear zone of the aircraft. We solicit your patience, cooperation &understanding while the boarding is in progress and request you to await your turn toboard the aircraft to minimize contact and avoid crowding at the boarding gates.

Passenger Safety Onboard:

  • Passengers are provided with Personal Safety kit each containing a Face shield, Facemasks and Sanitizer pouches. Passengers who are occupying middle seats are provideda full-body suit, for additional protection. Sanitized pillows and blankets are only providedto passengers on request to avoid any chance of spread of infection. Sanitizer dispenserbottles are placed in each toilet and toilets are sanitized at regular intervals.

Cabin Attendants’:

  • In order to provide minimum contact all crew are clad in complete Personal ProtectiveEquipment (PPE) Suits. They are adept to handle in-flight situations in pandemiccondition, from the Safety, Emergency and Medical perspective, including handling anddisposal of bio-hazardous waste.

Air Filters:

  • All aircrafts in the Air India fleet have High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters fittedin the Cabin Air Recirculation systems. The efficiency of HEPA filters is at least 99.97%which prevents any virus to survive and circulate in the cabin. Importantly, the toilets andGalley are areas where air is extracted and pumped outside without re-entering thecabin area. The cabin air is exchanged with outside air approximately once every 2 to 3minutes which ensures that passengers breathe clean air and remain protected from theviruses.

Meals on Board:

  • To ensure Social Distancing and minimal interaction of Crew with the passengers themeal boxes with safety kits are packed in one Meal Bag. The meal bags are placed onthe passenger seats prior to boarding.


Social Distancing:

  • Post arrival, the disembarkation is staggered and sequential as per Zones / RowNumbers / by Groups in order to minimize crowding. Passengers are advised to removeand dispose of their used safety gear (Face Mask / Shield, Full Body suits etc.) at thedesignated areas only in the airport terminal.

Arrival Airport Requirements to be followed:

  • Passengers are required to ensure compliance with the local health, safety andadministrative requirements of the destination authorities.
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