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Upgrades Amounts

Airport Upgrades

Upgrade amounts for travel ex-INDIA to FAR EAST and SOUTH EAST ASIA

Travel Sector Economy to Business (Except booking class E) Remarks
India to South East Asia Not applicable for EYCL booking in E RBD
Bengaluru/Kolkata/Delhi/-Bangkok USD 200 *
Mumbai-Bangkok USD 240 *
Delhi-Singapore (Valid on AI 380 Delhi-Singapore) USD 340 *
Delhi-Singapore (Valid on AI 382 Delhi-Singapore) USD 300 *
Mumbai-Singapore USD 300 *
Chennai-Singapore USD 300 *
Mumbai/Delhi-Shanghai USD 340 *
Mumbai/Delhi-Hongkong USD 340 *
India to Far East Asia - Not applicable for EYCL booking in E RBD
Mumbai/Delhi-Seoul ^ USD 340 *
Delhi-Tokyo USD 340 *
Mumbai/Delhi-Osaka # USD 340 *

* Additional 12% GST is applicable to the Upgrade amount.

# Routing is Mumbai-Delhi-Hongkong-Osaka with no change of aircraft.

^ Routing is Mumbai-Delhi-Hongkong-Seoul

Rules and Modalities for International Airport Upgrade Scheme

Salient features:

Passenger can get upgraded from Economy Class to Business Class and Business Class to First Class, against the fixed payment. Details of fixed payment for various international sectors can be viewed on the links below.

Additional 12% GST is applicable on upgrade amount, effective 01st July 2017.

The Airport Upgrade facility can be bought at any of Air India's booking offices, Airport offices and Call Centre. If you wish to book online, pleaseclick here


  • Applicable to all passenger type i.e. Adult and Child.
  • The offer is open to all valid ticket holders, i.e. revenue and non- revenue tickets. Non-Revenue tickets includes Award tickets, Companion free tickets, Concessional tickets, Discounted tickets like PR tickets AD / ID tickets, etc.


  • Upgrade permitted from Economy to Business and First Class. Business to First Class.
  • Upgrade is permitted from Economy Class to Business Class and First Class,
    Economy to First Class which represents upgrading by two Cabin classes is permitted.
  • No Child /Infant discount permitted on upgrade amounts
    Note: For Infant with or without seat, no discount is available on upgrade amount. He/she will be charged amount similar to that for Adult.
  • Lounge Facility at the Airport is permitted only for Revenue Passengers under the paid upgrade offer.
  • Upgrade is non-transferable, non-reusable and cannot be converted to cash or otherwise.
  • The upgrade is applicable for the specific flight only.
  • 12% GST will be additional on upgrade amount.

Scheme Validity:

The scheme is valid till further notice. The Upgrade Amounts are subject to change, without prior notice and subject to availability of Business Class.

Applicable Sectors:

The scheme is applicable on all international sectors on flights operated by Air India, departing with Business and/or First Class configuration.


  • The upgrade at the airport is subject to availability of Business class seats.
  • Upgrade is offered on First Come First Served Basis subject to physical presence of a passenger at the airport. Advance reservation in Business Class is not permitted.
  • The facility to upgrade at the Airport will be open up to 1 hour before the departure of flight.
  • Airport upgrade scheme will also be available to the passengers who have Tele checked –in / Web checked – in / City checked –in.
  • Passenger can pay the Airport Upgrade Amount at the Airport, Air India City office or through Call Centre by purchasing EMD (upgrade voucher) in advance across the country.
  • The EMD (upgrade voucher) can be redeemed against the Airport Upgrade, subject to seat available in higher cabin.
  • In case a flight is cancelled, the EMD issued through agent needs to open with appropriate remark for further necessary action. However, if a passenger has paid at the airport where EMD is issued, then the same may be refunded as per the form of payment used for issuance of EMD.
  • If a passenger is purchasing an EMD in advance, he/she must be listed on subject to availability (SA) basis in Higher Cabin Class. This will help the Airports in arranging meals for the higher class. However, upgrade will be offered only on First Come First Served Basis.
  • Such EMDs can be fully refunded if unutilized against Airport Upgrade.
  • In case a flight is cancelled and it is required to transfer a passenger (who has opted for upgrade) on another airline, will be in Economy class as per applicable rule for the original booked RBD.
  • If a passenger buying an upgrade from Economy to Business Class has paid for preferred seat as well, then the amount taken for preferred seat will be refunded back to him.

Baggage Allowance:

Baggage Allowance will be as per the original booking of the passenger. No enhanced baggage allowance of the higher upgraded class of travel is permitted.

FFP Miles:

FFP miles will be as per original class of travel. – e.g. Passengers holding Economy class ticket availing the Airport Upgrade will get FFP accrual of miles of Economy class.

Applicability on through Flight Leg:

  • When Passengers are through checked in with Immigration / Customs cleared at Boarding Point, but the flight number changes, (i.e. AI 011/AI101 AMD-DEL-JFK), if Passenger is through checked from AMD to JFK, Airport Upgrade Scheme will be available only for the DEL JFK leg.
  • However, if passengers are travelling on AI 101 Ex BOM, e.g. BOM-DEL-JFK, the passenger can avail of the Airport Upgrade Scheme for the entire journey from BOM as it is the same flight number.
  • If the passenger is travelling NAG-DEL-JFK/CHI, the passenger will have to pay separately for NAG-DEL Leg Airport Upgrade, and for the DEL-JFK/CHI Leg Airport Upgrade.
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