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Upgrade amounts for travel ex-USA to UK

Travel Sector Economy to Business
Newark (EWR) to London (LHR) USD 825

Upgrade For Sure "UFS” Offer for International and Domestic Passengers

Upgrade For Sure "UFS" Offer is being launched to provide a convenient opportunity for All passengers to avail confirmed paid upgrade to Business/First Class both for Domestic and International passengers.


  • Confirmed upgraded ticket for Domestic passengers within 12 hours of departure.
  • Confirmed upgraded ticket for International passengers within 24 hours of departure.
  • No waiting/uncertainty at Airport.
  • All benefits of upgraded class, except baggage allowance.
  • Baggage allowance as per Original class of travel.
  • In addition to City Booking Offices/Airport Ticketing offices, Travel Agents can also reissue tickets.

1. Applicability:

  • This facility shall be available only within D-24 hours of the flight for International flights and within D-12 hours of the flight for Domestic flights. ( Also domestic leg of international flights )
  • Applicable only on 098 revenue tickets for travel on Air India operated flights.
  • Not applicable on AD/ID/FOC/ZED/FFP Award/Interline tickets.
  • Not applicable on pure domestic journeys.
  • "UFS" is only permitted on already issued revenue confirmed tickets.

2. Point of Sale: City Booking Offices/Airport Ticketing offices & Authorized Travel Agency locations across Air India global network. (Not currently available on Air India Website/Mobile App).

3. Reissuance & Fare Difference:

Original booking must be changed to the lowest available Business/First Class booking class.

  • "UFS" is not permitted from Economy to First Class.
  • Ticket must be reissued manually to Business /First class by collecting the current applicable Upgrade For Surecharges.
  • No Change in Free Baggage is permitted. Baggage would be as per original issued ticket while the travel is in higher class.
  • Applicable Upgrade For Sure charges to be added inBase fare manually.
  • Upgrade For Sure charges are available on Air India website.
  • Fare rules of original issued RBD/fare basis shall apply. i.e the original booked RBD conditions are applicable on the whole ticket.
  • UFS amount is non- Refundable.

4. GST: For journeys originating from India irrespective of point of Sale , As per GST rules, the first international leg determines the GST rate for entire ticket.

Since the original ticket is in Economy class, GST collected is @ 5%. However, reissued ticket will reflect Business class for the first leg hence GST @ 12% will apply for the Return leg also. Passenger is required to pay additional GST on the return leg also.

5. Booking and Reissue : Booking and reissuance to the higher class must be instant and simultaneous.

Blocking of seat in the higher class on Time Limit is not permitted and any violation will attract penalties.

6. Re issuance RBDS permitted :

  • All Economy RBDS are eligible to Business Upgrade in "Z ",” J "&” D” booking classes.
  • All Business RBDS are eligible to First Class Upgrade in "A " booking class.

7. Refund /Modifications:

Following guidelines shall apply:

In case of No show following options are available to passenger :

Passenger wants a refund of the whole ticket:

  • UFS amount will not be refunded.
  • Ticket shall be refunded as per laid down fare rules i.e. Fare rules of original issued RBD/fare basis shall apply. i.e the original booked RBD conditions are applicable on the whole ticket.

Passenger wants to travel on a different date /change routing. Passenger can travel on next day or change route. However

  • UFS amount are non-refundable
  • UFS charges shall be adjusted only against difference in base fare and not against penalty charges.

Note : Once tickets are reissued under "UFS" scheme any further modifications are permissible with manual pricing.

8. Cancellation Charges & Penalties: As per original fare basis.

9. Fare Rules: Fare rules of original fare basis shall apply. i.e original booked RBD Conditions are applicable on the whole ticket.

10. Validity of Scheme: With immediate effect till 31st December 2018. (Airline reserves right to withdraw the scheme without notice)

11. Facilities : All facilities except baggage allowance, as per reissued booking class shall be provided.

12. Child/ Infant: Child and Infant are permitted on the Upgrade for sure scheme by collecting full Upgrade Charges.

13. The "Upgrade For Sure" offer is in addition to the ongoing Get Upfront Scheme (paid upgrade subject to availability at Airport).

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