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You are now just one bid away from travelling in Air India's Business or First class. In case
your bid is one of the highest and sucessful you would be able to experience Air India's
gourmet meal along with range of beverages and other attended benefits and privileges.



4 Easy Steps for an Upgrade


Check your eligibility by entering your PNR/Booking Reference and Last Name


Bid for an upgrade Business Class or First Class. You can sumbit, modify or cancel your bid at least 60 hours before your flight


Enter your credit card details.You will only be charged once your bid has been accepted


Check you email at least 48 hour before your flight to know if your bid has been accepted



What are the requirements to participate in the Bid Upfront program?
To be able to participate in the Bid Upfront program:
a) The passenger must have purchased a valid ticket on Air India document number 098.
b) The passenger must have an available email in the booking reservation.
c) The flight must have seats available in Business Class or First Class

What conditions will make me ineligible to participate in the Bid Upfront program?
You may not be eligible if :
a) You don’t have a valid ticket on Air India document number 098
b) You are booked on other airlines or tickets that haven’t been issued on an Air India document.
c) You are travelling with a group of more than 9 persons on the same reservation
d) You are travelling with an Infant i.e. a child under 2 years of age.
e) Your reservation is not yet confirmed.
f) Your flight is less than 60 hours from now.
g) Your flight is not operated by Air India.
h) You are carrying an animal (pet in the cabin or in the hold)

Can I bid different amounts for each part of my journey? Yes, you can bid different amounts for each eligible part of your journey
I have several people under my booking, but I only want some of them to have an upgrade. Is it possible to do this? The offer for the upgrade is based only on the reservation, this included all passengers within the reservation. You may request to split the reservation by contacting our Call Centre or by visiting any Air India booking and ticketing offices in the city or at the airport.Is it possible to upgrade from Economy to First Class? At present we permit Bid upgrade jump of only level from Economy Class to Business Class and from Business to First Class. There you can’t bid for an upgrade to First Class if you are Economy Class passengers.


Can I change, cancel or revise the Offer after it was initially submitted?
A passenger can make, cancel or revise his/her Offer either upwards or downwards till 72 hours before departure. Web page where the same is to be done can be accessed through the link shared with the passenger through the email. Also, it can be done by going to Bid & Upgrade” icon hyperlink given on Homepage of Air India’s website and submitting booking reference and last name which will lead the passenger to the upgrade button. By clicking on the button and you will be transferred to the Air India upgrade page
Can I change my bid after it has been submitted?
Yes, you can modify your bid at any time before you receive an email informing you whether your offer has been successful. When you first place your bid, you will receive a confirmation email, and you can use the link in that email to modify your bid.
Can I cancel my bid?
Yes, you can modify your bid at any time before you receive an email informing you whether your offer has been successful. When you first place your bid, you will receive a confirmation email, and you can use the link in that email to cancel your bid.


How do I submit an Offer for a Bid Upfront Upgrade?
At the end of reservation process a window will appear on the page confirming the reservation with an Offer to register for an upgrade. Clicking on this window will transfer you to the Air India upgrade page where you will be required to complete a process in three steps.
a) Choose the flight segment and Offer the amount,
b) Fill in your Credit Card details which will be verified but will be not charged until the upgrade is approved 48 hours before departure.
c) Check your upgrade details and personal information and submit your bid
d) After completion, an email message will be sent to you confirming your upgrade offer. You can later use this email to change, increase or decrease, the Offer or even cancel the same.
You can use the "Bid & Upgrade” icon hyperlink given on Homepage of Air India’s website. You will be required to fill in your Booking Reference and Last Name and click on the view button. If the service is available an upgrade button will appear. Click on the button and you will be transferred to the Air India upgrade page where you can make a bid as described in the four steps above.
If I have purchased the booking reservation ticket through a travel agent, how do I submit an upgrade offer?
You can use the "Bid & Upgrade” icon hyperlink given on Homepage of Air India’s website.You will be required to fill in your Booking Reference and Last Name and click on the view button.If the service is available an upgrade button will appear. Click on the button and you will be transferred to the Air India upgrade page where you can make a bid as described in the three steps above.
How much should I offer for a successful bid?
All Offers are weighed and examined according to several criteria as determined by Air India and updated at its sole discretion. These include but not limited to the amount of Offer submitted, availability of seats in the Business/First Class, membership of Air India’s Frequent Flyer Program etc. At about 48 hours before departure, the Offer submitted will either accepted or rejected and notification will be sent to the passenger accordingly.
Are there any charges to be paid for submitting an Offer for the Upgrade?
There is no charge for submitting an Offer for the Upgrade. If you are awarded the Upgrade, the amount equivalent to your submitted Bid/Offer will be debited from your credit card.
When can I submit my Bid/Offer?
The passenger can submit Bid as soon as his/her booking reservation gets ticketed. The Offer can be made, revised or cancelled till 72 hours before departure.
Is there is a minimum Upgrade Offer?
For each flight leg there is a range of possible Offer price between minimum and maximum indicated on the slider from which the amount the passenger wants to bid can be selected
What do the colour bars mean?
a) Yellow bars- poor offer; very unlikely to be upgraded
b) Orange bars- offer below past successful offers; unlikely to be upgraded
c) Dark Orange bars- offer is in the range of past successful offers; moderate chances
d) Red and Dark Red bars- good offer; high chance to be upgraded- no guarantee
Other than the bid amount, do I need to pay any additional fees?
When you bid to upgrade, the Airport departure taxes are applicable in certain countries such as the UK, France etc. Any extra charges will be shown clearly in the Upgrade offer submission process.


What does the strength indicator mean on the offer page?
The strength indicator is a guide that shows the strength of your bid but does not guarantee that you will be successful. The amount of your offer is not the only factor that determines whether you will receive the upgrade, however it is an important component. Upgrades are selected based on seat availability, the number of offers received and other factors that are at Air India’s sole discretion; as such there is no guarantee that your offer will be accepted, even at the highest permitted level.
Do you take my Frequent Flyer Status while reviewing my Offer?
Yes, a passengers’ status as a member of Air India’s Frequent Flyer Program is taken into consideration at the time of selection of Offer.
How will I know that my Offer has been either accepted or rejected?
In case your Offer is accepted 48 hours before departure, an email confirming the upgrade will be sent. You will be sent the revised ticket itinerary showing the upgrade class of travel. If the upgrade is not approved, then also you will be notified via an email of the same.
How can I find out about the current status of my offer?
In the confirmation of receipt of your offer you will find a link providing all the information. If you click on this link and select the relevant flight, you can see the status of your office in the top right-hand corner of the window.
What happens if I cancel/change my flight after receiving confirmation of the upgrade?
It is not possible to transfer your upgrade confirmation to a different flight on another date. You have to submit a new Offer for upgrade on the different flight. In cases of change or cancellation made to your travel itinerary after receiving confirmation of the upgrade, the amount submitted for the bid or Offer will not be refunded.
What happens if my bid has been unsuccessful?
In case your bid was unsuccessful, you will receive a notification email to the same effect. Your credit card will not be charged and you can simply travel with your existing ticket as normal.
What happens when the Bid Upgrade gets cancelled by Air India?
In case the flight for which your Offer was accepted and you were upgraded was cancelled, and the Airline re-accommodated you on another flight but in the class of service of your original booking, in which case the amount paid for the Upgrade will be refunded to the payment card that was used to pay for the Upgrade and the Airline shall have no further liability to you. In case the aircraft gets downgraded from a Wide Body to a Narrow Body for any operational reason, the amount paid for the upgrade to Business Class or First Class will be refunded.


When will my credit card be debited for the upgrade?
In the event the Airline accepts your Offer, your credit card shall be charged the full amount immediately upon acceptance, and the Airline will issue an Upgrade to each passenger included in your original flight booking. You will receive an updated travel itinerary highlighting the new cabin of service. The total amount charged will include all applicable pre-payable taxes and fees (if any) for the Upgrade. The total amount that you must pay to us will be disclosed to you prior to you submitting your Offer. If you are not awarded the upgrade, your card will not be debited.
Can I pay with two different credit cards?
No, each bid the passenger submits can only be paid for using one credit card.
Why was an authorization request placed against my credit card?
Upon submission of your offer, an authorization request will be made against your credit card. This step is part of the validation process, and your credit card will not be charged the request amount.
Can I pay using Miles?
Payment is possible only using credit card.
I have placed a bid, but I’d like to use a different card. Is that possible?
You need to cancel your current bid first if it is still inside the offer deadline window. Once you cancel the bid, you’ll be able to submit a new offer using your preferred card.

If your offer has been accepted but the card authorization fails, you’ll receive an email with a link to enter your new card details.


What will be the condition of my ticket after I receive confirmation of an upgrade to higher class?
The fare conditions for the original ticket you purchased shall remain in effect and will be applicable even if your Offer has been accepted and you have been upgraded, including, but not limited to, cancellation policies, change fees and conditions for minimum and maximum stay. The rules relating to the accrual of frequent flyer miles will be as per the upgraded class of travel. Your Baggage Allowance will be that of the upgraded class of travel. Lounge facility will not be provided.
What are the benefits I will receive as part of my upgrade to a higher class of travel? After the upgrade your will receive the following benefits:
a) Priority check-in at airport counters, boarding gates and priority baggage handling.
b) Expedited security clearance through priority lanes at the security control for business class.
c) Priority boarding and additional baggage allowance of the upgraded class.
d) Comfortable Seats with large seat width and recline.
e) A complimentary amenity kit filled with Indian made travel essentials and skin care products on international flights involving night travel.
f) Gourmet Meals and Gastronomical Selections with range of hot and cold beverages.
g) On International Flights Meal service includes great wines and liquors
h) Privacy and Maximum comfort in the Business and First-Class cabin
i) Extra large touchscreen monitors, noise cancelling headphones and USB ports
j) Substantial hours of digital video and entertainment on demand
English and Hindi language newspapers and magazines on both short haul and long haul flights.
Can I select my seat in Business or First Class after the upgrade?
The Airline doesn’t guarantee specific seat assignments to passengers whose Offers are accepted and who are upgraded. The passenger will be able to select his/her seat on the flight in Business Class if he is originally booked in Economy or First Class if he is holding a Business Class booking ,on a space available basis when check-in opens.
Will all special requests from my original booking be applicable for my upgraded flight segment?
Yes, applicable special requests from your original booking will be carried over to your upgraded flight segment. Please note that seat preferences cannot be guaranteed.
What fare rules apply for my upgraded ticket?
The same rules apply as the original fare that you purchased, including any fees for changing or cancelling your booking.
My bid has been successful, but I need to cancel my ticket. Will I receive a refund for my bid?
If you are cancelling or changing your ticket, your bid will not be refunded.
I have already paid for a seat in Economy. What will happen if I’m upgraded to Business?
The amount that you have paid to reserve your seat will be refunded when you are upgraded to Business
I am an Air India Frequent Flyer Member. Will I earn additional Miles for a successful upgrade bid?
You will earn additional miles for a successful bid. You will earn miles as per the cabin class you have been upgraded to.
How to contact Air India for any Bid Upgrade issue?
You can direct your complaints about operations and other issues connected with Bid Upgrade by email to upgrades@airindia.com






Please contact us for any queries on upgrades@airindia.com

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