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Cargo Jargons

Cargo Operations

The cargo equivalent of a passenger ticket which means the document made out by or on behalf of the shipper. It evidences the contract between the shipper and the carrier(s) for carriage of goods over routes of the carrier.


Goods carried by airline(s) on behalf of its customer.

Cargo Terminal

A building or location where cargo is received, stored, Customs cleared and prepared for delivery and delivered.

Charter Contract

A special agreement whereby carrier for an agreed operation places at shipper'sdisposition the entire capacity of an aircraft.


A person who has signed a charter contract with carrier.


A person whose name appears on the AWB as the party to whom the goods are to be delivered.

Consignor (Shipper)

A person whose name appears on the AWB as the party contracting with the carrier(s) for carriage of goods.

Consignment (Shipment)

One or more pieces of cargo accepted by the carrier from a single shipper, destined for one specific address moving on one AWB to one consignee.

Cut-off time

The latest time cargo will be accepted for a specific flight prior to its departure.


The ultimate stopping place according to the contract of carriage.


Refusal by carrier for a limited period to accept goods for transportation.


International Air Transport Association - an Association that establishes international rules and standards for participating air carriers.

IATA member

Indicates an airline being member of the International Air Transport Association.

Interline Agreement

A contract between two or more carriers to expedite exchange of traffic between the parties to the agreement.

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