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City Check In

City Check In

Air India introduces city check in at New Delhi and Shivaji Stadium metro stations.

Air India opens its Flight Information cum Ticketing Counter cum Excess Baggage issuance Counter, each at DMRC operated Airport Express Metro Stations, i.e. New Delhi & Shivaji Stadium Stations.

With the above initiatives, Air India Passengers would be able to avail the following facilities at Airport Express Metro Stations i.e. New Delhi & Shivaji Stadium Stations:-

City Check-In, Flight Information & Ticketing:-

  • Check-in with or without Check-in/Registered Baggage and obtain a Boarding Pass.
  • Pay for Excess Baggage Charges for baggage beyond permissible allowances.
  • Pay for Get Up Front Scheme offer and get upgraded to higher class at T3.
  • Pay for Advance Seat Blocking Charges and get your preferred seats.
  • Obtain Tickets that are offered by Air India at "Rajdhani Express II A/C equivalent fares” that are introduced 4 hours prior to the departure of the flight.
  • Avail Spot Fares that are introduced to various other sectors, 4 hours prior to the departure of the flight.
  • Avail any other Ticket on Air India and Air India Express covering both Domestic & International Sectors.
  • Check-in with or without baggage is permitted 12 hours before the scheduled time of departure of the flight until 2 hours before the departure.
  • Check-in is permissible on all flights operated by Air India, Air India Express and Alliance Air.
  • Check-in is permissible for both Domestic & International Flights.
  • Passengers can check-in their baggage, obtain the Boarding Pass and go out to complete their unfinished work at the city, complete their shopping, meet any other committed works etc, and return by Airport Express Metro to Delhi Airport, T3 well in time prior to the departure and complete security check in respect of Domestic flights, and Immigration, Customs & Security checks in respect of International flights..
  • Get the seat upgraded at Premium Class Counters at T3, Row F check-in counters, if choosen to opt for Get Up Front offer.
  • All web checked-in passengers can "drop off their baggage” at any of the city check-in stations at their convenience and reach airport to board the flight.
  • All Passengers in Groups can check-in 12 hours prior to their scheduled flight departure time, (after check out from the hotel as per check out timings).
  • Passengers arriving into Delhi by long distance Trains, Road Transport or by any other arrangements could avail the city check-in facilities by completing the check-in formalities 12 hours prior to the departure time and complete any other work that is remaining at Delhi, before reaching Delhi Airport, T3 for boarding the flight.
  • Passengers Waitlisted on "Rajdhani Express Trains, Shatabdi Trains, Duranto Express Trains and any other Super Fast/Mail/Express Trains of Indian Railways and could not get confirmed reservation, may now walk in to the New Delhi Airport Express Metro Station buy Air ticket at fares equivalent to II a/c Rajdhani Express Fare and travel on Air India Flights by saving time and money, seamlessly.
  • All passengers holding confirmed tickets on Air India Flights would be permitted to city check-in at the stations which would also include Frequent Flyer Award Tickets, Cooperate House Award Tickets, complementary tickets earned through various promotional offers holding confirmed reservation are permitted to avail the facility of city check-in at the above stations.
  • The city check-in facility at the above stations would facilitate all those passengers who have to check out from their respective hotels as per the check out policy of the individual hotels and allow them to complete the Air India flight check-in formalities with their baggage, 12 hours prior to the actual departure of the booked flight.
  • All Government Protocol Facilitated check-ins would also be permitted at both the city check-in counters to enable the dignitaries reach the Airport directly saving the time for completing the basic check-in formalities.
  • Govt. of India Cell issued tickets and tickets issued to Corporate Sector would also be facilitated at the city check-in station by completing the check-in formalities 12 hours prior to the departure.

The above facility is being extended to our valued customers jointly by Air India and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation with active support from DIAL & CISF officials.

The above facility would sure benefit Air passengers, Train passengers, and increase the readership on Airport Express Metro in addition to reducing the congestion at Delhi Airport, T3 Terminal, especially during the peak hours.

The check-in counter facility would remain open at the respective stations during the period from 0400 hours in the early morning to 2330 hrs. in the late night, on all days of the year. These timings would be further expanded depending upon the operation of Airport Express Metro trains after midnight and before early morning, as and when introduced.

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