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Companion Free Scheme

Companion Free Scheme

Companion Scheme Ex-India on all International sectors on IATA Full Fare
(Except SAARC - Kathmandu / Dhaka / Colombo / Male / Kabul / Yangon)

Air India offers the following Companion Scheme on IATA full fare (Fare Basis: FIF- First Class, CIF- Business Class, YIF – Economy class) ex India on all International sectors (except SAARC) for sale and travel up to 31st March 2023 .

Rules & Conditions

  • The scheme is not valid for travel ex India to SAARC countries.
  • No further incentive will apply on the above mentioned schemes.
  • All taxes/fees/surcharges (including fuel surcharge) to be collected on Companion tickets.
  • Return travel of companion to be undertaken within the validity of the ticket.
  • Passengers availing of the scheme are required to travel on their outbound journey together and may undertake the return travel separately.
  • Frequent Flyer mileage will be accrued on the paid ticket only. No mileage accrual will be permissible on the Companion ticket.
  • When the paid ticket has an interline sector (Max of 1 interline sector permitted in each direction), the Companion Scheme will apply to the discretion of the airline.
  • When travel is originating from Interior Indian Points, the Companion Free Scheme will be applicable only if the paid ticket is on a Through IATA fare. E.g. NAG BOM NYC (RT). The Companion Ticket can also be availed on the entire routing NAG BOM NYC (RT).
  • If the travel from Interior Indian Points is on sector (domestic) fares in combination with International IATA fares, the Companion Free Scheme will not apply on the Domestic Sector where the sector fare has been charged
  • The Companion travel is permitted only on AI operated sectors
  • The Companion scheme is not valid on code-share flights
  • Companion Ticket cannot be endorsed/rerouted to any other carrier even when involuntary.
  • Only the Paid ticket can be issued by the travel agent and the Companion ticket by the Air India office along with necessary safeguards, verifying original ticket, stamping CFS utilized, etc.
  • Ticketing to avail of this scheme cannot be done online through our website/Mobile.
  • Definition of Companion - Spouse, Child, Parent.

Immediate Blood relative - Brother/Sister may be included if the Passenger is Single or Childless. A Self declaration regarding the status has to be submitted by the Passenger availing the Scheme.

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