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Get Upfront offer

Airport Upgrades

Domestic Airport Upgrades - Get Upfront Offer

The salient features of the Domestic Upgrade scheme are listed below:

'Get Up Front' offer has two payment slabs - Rs.4500 for distances up to 750 Km and Rs.6000 for higher distances to avail the upgrade from Economy class to Business and Business class to First class.

Additional 12% GST will be applicable effective 01st July 2017

Distance Amount Amount
Upto 750 KMs रु 4,000* रु 4,000*
Above 750 KMs रु 8,750* रु 8,750*

Salient features:

Passenger can get upgraded from Economy Class to Business Class and Business Class to First Class, against the fixed payment. Details of fixed payment for various sectors can be viewed above.

Additional 12% GST is applicable on upgrade amount, effective 01st July 2017.


  • Applicable to all passenger type i.e. Adult, Child and Infant.
  • The offer is open to all valid ticket holders, i.e., revenue and non -revenue tickets. Non -Revenue tickets include: Airline Employee flying on free tickets (SOL), or interline. Industry Discount (e.g., ID50) tickets.


  • Upgrade is permitted from Economy to Business and Business to First Class.
  • Upgrade is permitted from Economy to First Class.
  • No Child /Infant discount permitted on upgrade amounts.
    Note: For Infant with or without seat, no discount is available on upgrade amount. He/she will be charged amount similar to that for adult.
  • Lounge Facility at the Airport is permitted only for Revenue Passengers under the paid upgrade offer.
  • Upgrade is non-transferable, non-reusable and cannot be converted to cash or otherwise.
  • The upgrade is applicable for the specific flight only.

Scheme Validity:

The scheme is valid up to 31st March 2023. The Upgrade Amounts are subject to change, without prior notice and also subject to availability of seats.

Applicable Sectors:

The scheme is applicable on all domestic sectors on flights operated by Air India, departing with Business and/or First-Class configuration.


  • The upgraded passengers will be checked -in through separate Business Class counter.


  • Upgrade is offered on First Come First Serve basis subject to physical presence of a passenger at the airport. Advance reservation in Business class is not permitted.
  • The facility to upgrade at the airport will be open up to 1 hour before the departure of flight.
  • Airport upgrade scheme will also be available to the passengers who have Tele checked in /Web checked in /City checked in.
  • Passenger can pay the Airport upgrade amount at the Airport, Air India City Office or through Call Center in advance across the country.
  • The upgrade voucher can be redeemed against the airport upgrade subject to seat available in higher cabin.

Baggage Allowance:

Passenger can now avail enhanced baggage allowance of the higher upgraded class of travel.

FFP Miles:

FFP miles will be as per original class of travel. – e.g., Passengers holding Economy class ticket availing the Airport Upgrade will get FFP accrual of miles of Economy class.

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