Extra Seats

Extra Seats

Extra Seats

Passengers can purchase an Extra Seat to accommodate special seating needs due to personal comfort, size or disability for each segment of the itinerary.

The extra seat for the required portion of the journey or the entire journey may be purchased in advance, at the time of booking the original ticket. The charge for the extra seat would be the same fare as your original seat if both seats are purchased simultaneously, except for the government taxes and airport levies.

Extra seat can only be purchased subject to availability of seats only and can also be purchased subsequently from the city booking office or at the airport of departure on the date of travel.
The Extra Seat booking is only for accommodating the special seating needs of the passenger and cannot be used for transportation of any items of baggage.

Passenger can take maximum two extra seats.

For international travel, passengers having extra seat booking will get only 1 single check-in baggage allowance and not get any extra / additional cabin or check-in baggage allowance.

For Domestic travel, passengers buying one additional seat will be allowed an additional 15K of Check-in baggage allowance over and above his normal Free Baggage Allowance

Passenger buying 2 extra seats will be allowed an additional 25 k of check-in baggage allowance over and above his normal FBA.

Extra seat option not available on Air India Code-share flights (including AI express).

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