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First Time Traveler

First time traveler

Traveling by air can be a tiring business if you are new to it.

Passengers should ensure that they have all necessary documents - tickets, valid photo IDs and any other relevant concessionary fare IDs which may be required by the airline.

Ensure all baggage is properly tagged and identified. Give yourself lots of time to get to the airport, allowing for traffic congestion, bad weather etc.

Check-in starts 120 minutes before departure and the Check-in counters will be closed 60 minutes before departure time for all classes of travel.

Please note that check-in counter for Domestic flights operating from International Terminals, will close 60 minutes before departure time for all classes.

All Air India flights in the flight range AI010-399 and AI900-999 will depart from International terminals.

Ensure you know the correct airport, terminal of departure/arrival For all other requirements please do not hesitate to approach our ground and in-flight staff for assistance.

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