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GST Invoicing process

1. The GST details required for invoicing like GSTN, name of the user, address, email id and phone number are captured from either SSR or as per registration on portal. In case details are available against a particular ticket in SSR and also in portal, portal data will take precedence for invoicing.

2. The cutoff date for uploading ticket details is mentioned on AI GST portal from time to time in line with due dates announced by GST council. In case, data is not uploaded within portal off dates, same will be treated as B2C and no revision of these tickets to B2B will be entertained.

3. Invoices are generated on monthly basis and not per ticket basis.

4. Invoices are generated after filing of GSTR 1 as per Government stipulated dates. In case of wrong GSTIN, if email id is available, mails are sent to provide correct email id within a day’s time. In case same are not received, the tickets are treated as B2C.

5. Once GSTR 1 is filed, invoices are sent to registered email id’s captured from SSR /AI GST portal and also uploaded on AI portal for download upto one year from the date of invoice.

6. It is requested to register on AI GST portal and upload ticket details within due date to get the invoices. Uploading of ticket details is not mandatory. However, if data at the time of booking is incorrect / incomplete, the same can be updated at the time of upload on GST portal.

7. In case of SEZ, registration on AI GST portal is mandatory. SEZ option to be ticked as Y.

8. In case of single journey, one invoice is issued and in case of return journey, two invoices are issued for a single ticket.

GST Invoicing queries and replies

Sr.No. Queries Replies


Tickets originating outside India.

If the origin of the travel is outside India GST is not applicable on the ticket hence GST invoice is not issued.


Invoices are not uploaded on the portal.

Invoices are generated and uploaded on portal only after GSTR-1 is filed.


Invoice not generated for particular tickets.

Tickets are loaded after cutoff date as mentioned in the portal. Hence treated as B2C or GSTN details are not provided in SSR / portal.


Incorrect email id details loaded from SSR or from Portal

Correct email id to be informed to gstsupport@airindia.in for updating on portal.


Invoice issued in incorrect name.

Invoices are issued as per details available in SSR /Portal. If details available against particular ticket, both from SSR and portal, portal data will take precedence. If name is incorrect but GSTN is correct, input can be availed by user. Name can be corrected by sending mail to GSTsupport@airindia.in for prospective months.


Incorrect Invoice received

In case of incorrect Invoice generated,correct invoice with correct GSTIN and ticket details will be generated by AI. A mail to be initiated to GSTSupport@airindia.in. The same will be prospective.


Request to change from B2C to B2B

Law does not permit changing invoice from B2C to B2B.


Change in GST number or details which are not allowed to edit for user through front end

AI needs to update the details after confirmation from the user that earlier details will not be available against the old user id. Also old invoices will not be available for download.

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