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OK TO Board Procedure for Najaf, Iraq – Immigration Clearance

Passengers travelling to Najaf, Iraq are required to secure Immigration clearance from Iraqi authorities prior to their commencement of journey.

Passengers or travel agents are required to send scanned copies of the following documents tonjfai.oktb@gmail.comat least 72 hours prior departure

For Individual Passenger

  • Copy of Passport of First, Last, page with Address detail, ECNR
  • Copy of Visa, Stamped on passport or Paper visa
  • Copy of ticket (ITR) where ticket number is legible

For Group PNR

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of ticket of any one passenger
  • Copy of Group Visa
  • Group Visa approval number
  • Group PNR print with names of all passengers

Other Condition : All passengers in group have to travel together on inbound and out bound.
If any passenger is required to travel separately he/she needs to seek permission from Iraqi immigration.

The Najaf office of AI will access the above email, and obtain Iraq Immigration and update PNR .

Passengers will check the relevant clearance by contacting AI office or contact centre and then only report for travel 4 hours prior departure for the flight.

The above is for implementation with immediate effect.

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