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Preferred seat selection Scheme

Book your preferred seat

Seat reservation for our First & Business Class passengers on all select routes operated by Air India will be Free of Charge as per the current policy.

The paid seat selection doesn't include Bassinet seats for infants which continue to be free of charge subject to availability.

The preferred seat selection scheme for Economy Class passengers is available on select routes operated by Air India. This scheme is not available on-Air India code share.

The scheme extends to cover Window, Aisle and Middle Seats in the Front and Middle zone of the Aircraft. All seats in the rear section including Window, Aisle and Middle are currently available free of charge, and available through our website on first come basis.

The facility of paid seat selection will be available till 240 minutes (D-4 Hours) before departure.

For booking seats online kindly go to the Manage Booking tab on the homepage of the website.


In compliance with the exit row seating guidelines of Director General of Civil Aviation, passengers on seats next to the emergency exit doors must :

  • Be able to reach and willing to observe the written / pictorial safety instructions related to emergency evacuation in English OR Hindi OR ability to understand oral Crew Commands;
  • Be fully able-bodied and have sufficient physical strength, dexterity and mobility to open and pass through the emergency exit doors expeditiously without assistance or impeding others;
  • Be in good health at the time of check-in, boarding, and during the flight;
  • Be above 15 years of age on the date of the first flight;
  • Not be pregnant;
  • Not be an unaccompanied minor;
  • Not be a passenger with restricted mobility, which shall include persons with a physical or intellectual disability, persons who are using wheelchair or other assistive devices, and persons who are impaired due to any other cause as they may endanger themselves or others in the event of an emergency;
  • Not be directly responsible for the caring of children, infants, elderly or passengers with restricted mobility;
  • Not be an elderly or frail person who appears incapable of operating or assisting with the operation of the emergency exit;
  • Not be under the influence of any intoxicating substance at check-in, boarding, and during the flight;
  • Not require an extension seat belt due to a large body size; and not use the In-flight Entertainment System during aircraft taxi, take-off or landing.

Disclaimer:Air India reserves the Right to allot an alternate seat at any stage of the journey for operational or safety requirements without assigning any reasons. Passengers who select an Emergency Exit Row seat and do not meet any of these criteria at the time of check-in, boarding or during the flight, may be re-assigned to another seat without any refunds.

  • Form of payment will be in local currency.
  • Given below are the details of price per preferred seat for various sectors.
  • Preferred seat selection fee is for each flight / segment of your trip. When you have multiple flights / journeys, each segment of a flight is payable separately. e.g. San Francisco-Delhi-Bengaluru will attract 02 charges viz. San Francisco-Delhi & Delhi-Bengaluru.

Business rules for Refund

  • The Preferred Seat Price is fully refundable:
    • (i) If booking is cancelled 48 hours prior to flight departure
    • (ii) In case of schedule change/flight disruption
  • The Preferred Seat Price is non-refundable if passenger makes an itinerary change within 48 hours of flight departure.
  • Due to operational reasons, we may have to deploy other aircraft types in order to keep to the flight schedule. We will do our best to allocate you a similar seat / or a seat in the same zone. If you have paid for the seat selection, we will refund you in case we are not able to offer you the selected seat or an equivalent.
  • Passengers who select an Emergency Exit Row seat and do not meet any of eligibility criteria for Emergency Exit Row seats at the time of check-in, boarding or during the flight may be reassigned to another seat without any refunds.
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