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Right to Refuse Carriage


AIR INDIA may refuse carriage of any passenger or passenger's baggage for reasons of safety or if, in the exercise of its reasonable discretion, it determines that.

  • Such action is necessary in order to comply with any applicable government laws, regulations or orders
  • The carriage of passenger or baggage may endanger or affect the safety, health, or materially affect the comfort of other passenger or crew
  • Passenger's mental or physical state, including impairment from alcohol or drugs, presents a hazard or risk to him or her, to co-passengers, to crews or property
  • Passenger has committed misconduct on a previous flight, and carrier has reason to believe that such conduct may be repeated
  • The passenger has refused to submit to a security check
  • The passenger has not paid the applicable fare, taxes, fees or charges
  • Passenger do not appear to have valid travel documents, may seek to enter a country through which he or she may be in a transit, or for which he or she do not have valid travel documents, destroy travel documents during flight or refuse to surrender travel documents to the flight crew, against receipt, when so requested
  • Passenger present a ticket that :
    • Has been acquired unlawfully
    • Has been purchased from an entity other than carrier or carrier authorized agent, or
    • Has been reported as being lost or stolen, is a counterfeit, or
    • Passenger cannot prove that he or she is the person named in the ticket
  • Passenger have failed to comply with the requirements set forth in Article 3.3 of IATA Recommended Practice 1724 concerning coupon sequence and use or passenger presents a ticket which has been altered in any way, other than by AIR INDIA staff or our Authorized agent or the Ticket is mutilated
  • Passenger fails to observe our instructions with respect to safety or security
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