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Security Procedures

Security Procedures

Your security is of prime concern. to ensure the security of aircraft and passengers, security regulations have been made more stringent than before.

While you may face some inconvenience during security checks, it is in your best interest. Security regulations are framed by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and are required to be implemented by all operators.

Some of the security procedures are listed below :

  • Your ticket / identity is checked at the time of entering the terminal building/counter
  • The checked baggage is passed through x-ray machines
  • Passengers are checked through personal frisking, and/or door frame metal detectors and hand held metal detectors
  • The cabin baggage is either checked through x-ray machines or physically examined
  • Security personnel put a security stamp on boarding passes and cabin baggage labels
  • In case of an alert situation a secondary security check is also carried out before embarkation
  • Passenger may be requested to identify his checked baggage. however, at some of the airports baggage matching / reconciliation is done
  • If you wish to come back from the security hold area after the completion of security check, you have to get a fresh boarding pass in place of the old boarding pass from AIR INDIA check-in counter. in that case the passenger has to undergo the security check again. this facility is available only in extreme emergency
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