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Silver Edge Club

Silver Edge Club - Privileges:

There are a host of benefits attached to The Silver Edge Club membership of Flying Returns.

Personalised Membership card

The first thing you receive along with your membership on invitation is a Special Kit, containing a personalized 'The Silver Edge Club' Membership Card, an announcement of your privileged status.

Bonus FR points on Flying Returns' Membership

15% bonus FR points over and above the normal accruals on both domestic and international sectors (based on the applicable flights/ fares/ class) - which means you earn additional FR points and get award tickets faster.

Increased Check in Baggage Allowance

  • Additional baggage allowance of 10 Kgs for weight concept flights (over and above ticketed Free Baggage Allowance) on AI operated flights for Primary Active/ Active status account members.
  • 1 additional piece as per cabin class free baggage allowed on Air India operated flight where piece concept is applicable for Primary Active/ Active status account members.
  • Additional baggage allowance is not available on Air India flights operated with ATR/CRJ aircraft, on Airline Partner's flights and on Air India code share flights (i.e. Air India marketed and operated by a Partner Airline or Partner Airline marketed and operated by Air India).

*T&C Apply. Extra Baggage allowance & Lounge access subject to change as per government directive.

Personalised Check - in

At select airports we have set up a dedicated check-in counter especially for you. Your The Silver Club Membership card puts you upfront, where you belong.

Upgrade Vouchers

On entry into the Club, you shall be issued 1 Upgrade voucher that can be used for upgrades on AI domestic flights.

Silver Edge Club - Helpline:

Email : silver.edge@airindia.com

Terms & Conditions

  • Membership to The Silver Edge Club (SEC) is currently restricted to individual frequent flyers of "Flying Returns" programme. Corporations, organizations, and/or other institutions or entities are not eligible under any corporate membership scheme to the Club.
  • Members satisfying a minimum FR points/sectors/qualifying flights count criteria on Air India or any invitation criteria prescribed by Air India, as set down from time to time, would be selected/ invited to join the Club. Travels undertaken on AI Express are not taken into consideration for selection to the Club.
  • Currently a member who accrues 25000 status FR points in a consecutive span of 365 days is elevated to The Silver Edge Club.
  • Qualifying Members would be issued a personalized The Silver Edge Club (SEC) card. Any use of such card shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions in force. The membership number in The Silver Edge Club (SEC) is the same as assigned while enrolling under the "Flying Returns" programme. The Club Membership card is strictly personal to the individual to whom it has been issued and is non-transferable.
  • Air India reserves the right to renew the membership on satisfying minimum FR points/sectors/qualifying flights criteria on Air India with appropriate rules, regulations, privileges, upgrade policy and offers. Air India reserves the right to refuse membership to any person who does not meet the requirements for participation in the Club, without assigning any reason.
  • Upgrade vouchers(s) will be valid for travel only on Air India domestic flights. Upgrade voucher (s) is valid on a scheduled, single, one way, direct, Air India flight as applicable i.e, against one boarding card. Upgrade voucher(s) will be accepted at an airport check-in counter, subject to availability of space in the next higher class (From Economy to Executive or from Executive to First) only for eligible fare classes/fare codes as notified from time to time. The voucher will be deemed fully used upon surrender for an upgrade, even if the travel is by a child passenger. Request for special meals may not be accepted in case of listing of all upgrades. Upgrade vouchers are not applicable during blackout periods. Vouchers are non-transferable, non-extendable, non-refundable and not encashable. Lost/Stolen Vouchers cannot be replaced under any circumstances. Lost/Stolen Vouchers cannot be replaced under any circumstances. Vouchers will have six months validity from the date of issue and are for the use of self or nominee. The Upgrade Voucher is a privilege and recognition offered to the members and does not constitute a member's right. Air India reserves the right to refuse the issuance of duplicate The Silver Edge Club (SEC) membership card, without assigning any reason.
  • Air India reserves the right to upgrade/downgrade the tier of membership based on the qualifying criteria. On upgrading / downgrading the membership card would become invalid.
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