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U Sticker Visa for OCI Card Holders

Overseas Card India (OCI) Card Holders travel to/from India – Discontinuation of "U” Visa Sticker

1. Government of India has decided to dispense with the "U" Visa sticker on the foreign passport of OCI card holders with immediate effect. Accordingly, Immigration authorities shall not insist on production of foreign passport containing the "U" Visa sticker in the case of OCI card holders while they enter/exit India. OCI card holders shall now be given Immigration clearance on the strength of their valid foreign passport and OCI Registration Certificate (OCI booklet, popularly known as OCI card).

2. If the OCI card holders acquire nationality of a different country after obtaining OCI card, except that of Pakistan and Bangladesh, he/she is also allowed to enter into India provided he/she is carrying his/her old passport having lifelong India ‘U’ visa sticker pasted on it, along with the new passport of the recently acquired nationality.

3. Entry on the Diplomatic/Official passport shall not be granted on the basis of OCI/PIO cards as OCI/PIO cards are not issued to the foreign diplomats and their family members. However, if he/she holds valid ordinary passport with valid OCI/PIO cards, entry can be allowed.

NOTE:- For updated details, please refer to Bureau of Immigration India, from time to time https://boi.gov.in/content/overseas-citizen-india-oci-cardholderExternal website that opens in a new window

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