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Unaccompanied baggage

Unaccompained Baggage

Baggage shipped as cargo shall consist of only personal wearing apparel and personal articles of a passenger. This includes portable musical instruments, portable typewriters and portable sports equipment but excluding machinery, machine or spare parts, money, securities, jewellery, watches and plated ware, furs, films, cameras, tickets, documents, liquors, perfumes and articles of household furnishing, merchandise and salesman samples.


Shipments will be carried only between the same points (airports only) for which the passenger holds a ticket, provided that the baggage is delivered not later than the date of the passenger’s departure to an IATA accredited cargo agent.

The passenger using this facility must make a declaration of the contents of the baggage, complete all documents required for dispatch and customs, and be responsible for all additional charges for collection, delivery and customs. The baggage shall be cleared through customs by the passenger personally or by his agent.

It shall be within the discretion of the carrier on which flight the baggage is carried.

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